Bad luck lingers at Lyng

The natural hillside, sandy based circuit of Cadders Hill, Lyng hosted round 2 of the Maxxis British Championship.
Taking 25th in qualifying Shane Carless had a lot of work to do in the three races that laid ahead of him.
Race one saw Shane get a reasonable start, considering his gate position. Coming around on lap one in 21st Shane had his work cut out for the rest of the moto. With his head down Shane managed to pick up a few more positions and take home 18th at the chequers.
Bad luck stuck early in the second race for the the Oakleaf Motorsports Honda rider when on Lap three a stone hit the fork guard and left it hanging down and flapping around. With safety in mind Shane opted to pull out of the race.
Luck just wasn’t on the team’s side this weekend. After another good start Shane was forced to retire from the race after four laps with an electrical failure.

Shane Carless: “I was looking forward to today, I’ve always liked Lyng. I’ve been riding well lately, just lacking some bike time. Qualification I got a good lap I was 14th, next lap I came round I was 28th, I put another lap in and got 25th which didn’t give me a great gate position. First race someone pinched my gate and I had a terrible start and I managed to work my way to 18th. Second race I was around 15th/16th, a stone came up and hit the fork guard and lost the front brake and it was bouncing around and I had to pull in as I thought I was going to have a crash. Third race I had a good start, top 15. I pulled thought to 13th, but then we had a problem with the bike and had to pull out. Not a good day to be fair.”

Shaun Anthony :“Again for the team the results were not great. After a poor first race things went against us in the other two races. Race two the fork guard being smashed loose by a stone and flapping around in the front wheel was the cause of Shane pulling out as it was too risky to carry on encase the fork guard or brake cable got caught in the front wheel. Race three the bike came to a halt and wouldn’t start which became apparent that the stator had failed .It’s a long way for the team to travel to have a bad day, with things as tight as they are hopefully that’s the last of our problems and Shane can come good with a bit more bike time and fitness needed.image

PR by Elliott Spencer

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